Photo by: Christa Fratantoni

Photo by: Christa Fratantoni


Hey hi. I’m Mel (it’s short for Melissa). I am a wellness blogger, yoga and meditation instructor, proud mom to 12 plants and one pup, and I am engaged to my best friend and favorite human. Most importantly, I am FAR from perfect. (I hope you realize this, but making a blog doesn’t mean you have it figured out.) Regardless, I am ALL about trying to squeeze all the possible joy I can out of this life and I am here to provide tips and tools to help you do the same. I live and love in Phoenix, Arizona. Trying to balance it all is where it begins for me.

Where/how did it all originate?

I call myself a “recovering perfectionist”. When I was younger and finding my way through “adulthood” (whatever that even means), I would often juggle too much, get burnt out, and begin again. Rinse. Repeat. I was always getting in my own way, bouncing between extremes and often finding myself feeling defeated and lost. “Balance” to me, back then, meant “doing ALL THE THINGS”. I was piling on new “healthy habits”, and then beating myself up for not being able to keep up with them all. Talk about diminishing returns. But I was fine. Not good, not great, just fine. Slowly, over time (and with LOTS of yoga and meditation), I started to cut myself some slack and be a little kinder day by day, and I found myself again in the process.

I stumbled across the PERFECT quote from East of Eden (and this just so happens to be my fiancé’s favorite quote of all time):


And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.

John Steinbeck

I think that perfectly sums up the true meaning of balance—not trying to be perfect or “well-balanced” all the damn time. Every single day I’m learning and evolving to figure out what that means to me—a Mel Balanced Life.
My hope is that I can use this space to share what my balancing act looks like, so that you can explore what a “________-Balanced Life” looks like for you. No one likes feeling alone! So here we are.

So what can we expect?
Consider this blog to be a collection of the tips, tricks, and tools that I’ve picked up or created along the way in my balancing act of life. I will share these through recipes, health, and lifestyle posts. Again, I’m not perfect nor do I try to be anymore, but I do try to live more consciously and sustainably, so you can expect that as a theme throughout all the content.

And honestly, I just have a lot of stuff floating around in my brain ALL the freakin’ time, and a TON of creativity that I needed an outlet for, so with a little structure, this blog is where it will all go!

Who is this blog for?
Anyone looking to play with balance in their own life, and create more space for joy. This is a judgement-free zone—but you get brownie points for having a sense of humor.